America's Most Patriotic Roadshow & Radio Broadcast
Premieres at the Dutton Family Theater

Fresh off a three-year national tour, having played to sold-out audiences from sea to shining sea, The Dutton Family Theater is thrilled to announce "The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show" as part of their 2016 lineup. The popular, All-American Roadshow and Radio Broadcast reproduction opened March 17.

Directed and choreographed by Jody Madaras, "The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show" is a fun-filled, true-to-life reproduction of the kind of USO show Bob Hope and Jack Benny would have taken to the troops 65 years ago: classic humor and great music from those special days of road shows, war-bond drives, and radio broadcasts.

"The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show" boasts over 40 classic Big Band hits in original arrangements including: Chattanooga Choo-Choo; Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe; I'm In The Mood For Love; Pennsylvania Polka; I'll Never Smile Again; Any Bonds Today?; Don't Fence Me In; God Bless America; Deep In The Heart Of Texas; Thanks For The Memory, and a powerful Military Medley – a rousing salute to America and our servicemen and women!

"The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show" features Broadway veteran Jody Madaras (creator, Ted Crosley), Valerie Hill (Betty Blake), Beth Conley (Daisy Maxwell), and Patrick Scholl (John Handley), and the rich sounds of the live 9-piece Hollywood Victory Caravan Orchestra (featuring some of Branson's finest musicians), classic commercials, tight harmonies, impromptu skits, and 42 of the greatest American songs ever written. "The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show" offers a musical message for all Americans with a full-circle patriotic salute celebrating the American way of life; reminding us of a time when our country was fully united.

"The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show" was born of a heart filled with gratitude and patriotism. Creator and star Jody Madaras wanted to write a show that would say "Thank you" to the greatest generation - the men and women who served our country during WWII and The Korean War - and also remind Americans of a time when our country was truly united. United, then and now."

- Branson Daily Independent, Sunday, March 20, 2016