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“New Show in Town - worth a visit”
All Hands on Deck is like going back to WW2 and being entertained by famous artists trying to raise money for the war effort. Excellent performers that sing the songs from the 40's. You will love this show. Every seat is a good seat.
-  JimK761 of Cameron, North Carolina

“Lots of Talent and an enjoyable show.”
Went to see All Hands on Deck! today with my husband and two kids (13 and 11). The singing was excellent, the performers were true professionals (handling a few technical glitches with class), and the band is fantastic. The show is set in the 40's, and the songs, dancing and humor provide a great glimpse into that time period.We thoroughly enjoyed it.
-  deeannc640 of Burleson, Texas

“Patriotic Pride for All Ages”
This show is absolutely fantastic. Great performers and an awesome live big band. While watching, you really do feel that you've been transported in time back to 1942. A few others commented that the show is geared towards an older generation -- and while the songs may be from that era, I believe that it's important for ALL generations to see it. As a young adult, I can say that I appreciated all of the music, dancing and jokes. Anyone who has served (or had family that served) in the military would absolutely love this show. What a tribute! I was teary-eyed at the end. You will leave the show filled with pride for our country, and a smile on your face. Definitely worth seeing. You won't be disappointed.
-  LC2212 of Columbus, Ohio

“American Patriotism At It's Best”
Compared to the other shows in Branson that have a patriotic tribute, The All Hands On Deck! Show is the most heart-warming and super amazingly talented one of them all!!
-  Fifthseybold of Mount Carmel, Illinois

“What a show, Broadway comes to Branson!”
I just cannot tell you how much I loved this show! The singing , dancing was amazing and top notch! This show needs way more marketing when it comes back to town in the fall. I go to a lot of shows as I work in this town and this one is by far my favorite yet! The vocals and the big band was beyond excellent! Thank you for coming to Branson!
-  marianneparson of Springfield, Missouri

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