Your Show in Forrest City - Oct. 20, 2018

Subject: Your Show In Forrest City Oct 20

Message: You invited us all to respond -- so here I am! I've been in the music and entertainment business for 43 years as of July, so I've seen a lot of things on a lot of stages over the years. I was in Branson 25 years ago with Kenny Rogers at The Grand Palace, winning one of the biggest music competitions in the world, The Country Showdown. I've had more than my share of experiences on stage and television myself, and with that in mind....

Yours is one of the most outstanding shows I've attended anytime, anywhere! Your talent, choreography, music and show composition are absolutely superlative. The cast is as close to perfect as anyone could hope for, not only in performance but from a standpoint of physical features, costuming, stage presence, onstage moves and coordination that calls some of the great performers of that era to mind. During our evening with your show, you were able to weave pure magic and take us all back to a time we either lived or shared with our parents.

I'm 64 years old, so these were the childhood memories of my parents who shared them with me. I'm a great fan of the Greatest Generation, who some in this extreme age would dismiss with political discord. We need those values back, and many people yearn for a time when all of America was united against common… challenges, and put America first.

…For those at your show, we get a taste through music, dance and audio/visual display of a time we wish we could go back to in a time machine. You touched our hearts and made fans of us all. There is nothing else quite like your show, and I have but one word remaining --


Best wishes,
Ricky T.

PS -- My wife and I came away from the show with an armload of things from your merchandise table, including the beautiful Cross created by Duff Madaras. To Jody, please give your father our blessings for something that will be cherished for many years to come, hanging proudly in our home on our wall of faith. It is one of the most unique and beautiful Crucifix renderings I've seen, and a wonderful reminder of the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless!